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Nadette Stasa, Casting Director

I ALWAYS say there is something for EVERYONE in commercials. Just watch commercials… there are ALL types, even cavemen! The trend is towards “real people”, “non actor types”, “slice of life” ads. I don’t think there is such a thing as “average” looks. “Average” could be just what the casting director, commercial director, agency, producer, copy writer and client are looking for. To appeal to casting directors be you: if you’re funny let that out, if you’re a hottie or a relaxed dude let us see that. Be you, be real and believable. The days of hard sell sales people in commercials are over.


John Lloyd Young, “Jersey Boys”, Tony Winner

It is your absolute obligation as a business person selling a product to make it as easy as possible for someone to learn about that product. You can’t complain that you’re not getting opportunities if you’re not making yourself as available as possible. You should always be letting the people who are hiring know where they can come see you in something, or if you’re right for something. It’s your responsibility to let them know about it.

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Robin D. Carus

Robin D. Carus, Casting Director, Theatreworks/USA

Robin D. Carus is the casting director for Theatreworks/USA, America’s oldest and largest not-for-profit theatre for youth and family audiences. Robin has cast approximately 45 tours, mini-tours, workshops & readings a year since 2000.

10 performances, 5 shows, 10 locations, 2 states, 6 days

Before this week is up, I will have done ten performances of five different shows at ten different locations in two different states. It’s mostly pretty reasonable except for Saturday, when I will do four performances of four different shows at four different locations. That is going to be rough. A lot of children’s entertainers, […]


Liz Mamana, Washington, DC-based working actor

DC has a large and thriving theatre community. All of the larger theatres in DC cast out of both DC and NYC. Making a living solely as an actor? It can be done, but just like anywhere else, it is no easy feat. I think most of the actors who are able to make a living solely as an actor in this market do a lot of voice-over and industrials.