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James Royce Edwards – Altar Boyz, Footloose, Passions, BYU

My religious background helps me as a person which in turn helps me as an actor, especially with the whole business side of the biz. Actors have to handle a great deal of rejection and criticism and my faith helps give me a sense of security and a good grasp of who I am and what is important in life. This may sound cliché, but I really don’t sweat the small stuff when I’m looking at the bigger picture of what life is about and what really matters.


Liz Mamana, Washington, DC-based working actor

DC has a large and thriving theatre community. All of the larger theatres in DC cast out of both DC and NYC. Making a living solely as an actor? It can be done, but just like anywhere else, it is no easy feat. I think most of the actors who are able to make a living solely as an actor in this market do a lot of voice-over and industrials.

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How To Find The “Killer” Monologue by Bob Fraser

Television producer, writer, director, actor, and teacher Bob Fraser’s 50+ year career began as an actor in New York City. After moving to Los Angeles, he was a showrunner on the series “Benson,” for which he also directed, wrote, and played the character Sen. Leonard Tyler. Fraser later created and starred in the series “Marblehead […]

Adam Lieblein

Talent Agent – Adam Lieblein, Former President, Acme Talent & Literary, Los Angeles

When an actor has had enough training to feel confident in his/her abilities, then it is time. It may take awhile, but an actor should always continue training, showcasing, and pursuing work (plays, student films, indy films, etc) while waiting. The industry always gravitates towards talent, so if an actor is talented, and is showing his work, then agents will find him.


Roscoe Orman, “Sesame Street”, Free Southern Theater, New Lafayette Theatre

I think the most important job for an actor, or for any artist, is to discover and share the truth. An actor’s ability to not only entertain but to reflect the innermost truths of humanity, to share with audiences, through character and storytelling, that which connects us all and enlightens us to the human condition, is extremely valuable.