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Brain Surgery for Actors: Operate On Your Thinking

How to Predict Your Future

Part II of a mini-goal setting workshop for actors that will enable you to make the positive changes you desire in your life by first figuring out exactly what you want your future to look like. Predict the future using nothing but a Word document and your brain. Pretty cool, huh?

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Dee Hoty – 3-Time Tony Nominee, Broadway Star

The truth is, you can grow old gracefully in the theater. Look at all the women who have. From Eva Le Gallienne, who was way ahead of our time, to even Isabel Stevenson. Who had their wrinkles that were beautiful. Handsome women. And they looked great. You know? They looked great. Katherine Hepburn. I mean, they looked great.

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Actor, Voice Over Artist: Chris Flockton, “The Fabulous Life”, Rumble in the RedRoom

Is it more convenient to live in Hell’s Kitchen? Sure. Did moving out of the city affect my career? I don’t think so. It just requires a little more planning on my part. The best part is, I’ve put together a home voice-over studio in the house. I record many of my voice-over auditions for my New York and L.A. agents from home and send them in via e-mail.

Actor Jim True-Frost

Actor – Jim True-Frost: HBO’s “The Wire”, Steppenwolf

I knew I loved acting from the time I started— around the 6th grade—and I still love the same things about it: metaphors (poetry), playful engagement, repetition, ritual, flow. When I began getting offers of professional acting jobs at the same time I was going to college (at Northwestern), I gave up thinking about doing anything else.

Timothy Omundson, Psych

Timothy Omundson, “Psych”, “Judging Amy”, “Deadwood”

A veteran actor once told me, “We’re not getting paid for the job we get. We’re getting paid for all the jobs we didn’t get”. I would never want to do anything else. And thanks to being so focused on Theatre in college, I’m not qualified to do anything else. So that kind of worked out for me.