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Geoffrey Soffer part 2, Casting Director, ABC TV/Touchstone Television, New York

We see unrepresented actors all the time. We’re constantly scouting new & unrepresented talent. I see theater sometimes 5 or 6 times a week. We all do. If I see an actor that I like – whether it’s on Broadway or an off-off-Broadway showcase – I make sure I meet them. If I like them, I’ll then bring them in for the other casting directors here to know. They do the same thing. When you consider how many shows and showcases we each see…that’s a lot of scouting being done.


How To Make Money Acting by Bob Fraser

Television producer, writer, director, actor, and teacher Bob Fraser’s 50+ year career began as an actor in New York City. After moving to Los Angeles, he was a showrunner on the series “Benson,” for which he also directed, wrote, and played the character Sen. Leonard Tyler. Fraser later created and starred in the series “Marblehead […]

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John Lloyd Young, “Jersey Boys”, Tony Winner

It is your absolute obligation as a business person selling a product to make it as easy as possible for someone to learn about that product. You can’t complain that you’re not getting opportunities if you’re not making yourself as available as possible. You should always be letting the people who are hiring know where they can come see you in something, or if you’re right for something. It’s your responsibility to let them know about it.


Director: Reg Flowers, Arts Education – 52nd Street Project, New York

When we volunteer we make a choice to make it about something larger than ourselves—our world our community, the next generation, whatever. We also benefit from a first hand knowledge that what we do is making a difference—a difference that matters to us. I see this demonstrated again and again with professionals from all over the industry.


Director, Producer, Teacher: VP Boyle – Audition Freedom, Musical Theatre Forum

I think EPA’s are a waste of time on both sides. The casting person might as well be handcuffed to the chair with duct tape over their mouths since anyone can walk in and do whatever they want (and many people ignore the breakdown and abuse it as a platform to be seen by an office when they are totally wrong for the show!)…it drives casting people mad. I can tell you the truth…most B’way casting directors feel lucky if they can find one person to file for a future call out of the 200 they see in the day. 2 out of 200 is a bonanza.