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Sara Issacson

Sara Isaacson, Casting Director, Manager of Casting, Lifetime Television

I’m always surprised when actors come into a room and they don’t know what the show is about or what the tone is. Every actor should watch at least one episode of every show on tv. If it’s a pilot or a show that hasn’t aired yet, it’s up to the actor to do their research on what the tone of the show is.


Becca Ayers, “Avenue Q”, “Les Miserables” on Broadway

There’s nothing else I can do that makes me happy. Really, truly. I’ve tried other things… I worked in an office for three days and I wanted to slit my wrists. I get anxious just picturing myself doing anything other than acting. I think I couldn’t exist doing something else.

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How to Talk to Talent Agents by Bob Fraser

The agent’s income depends on finding, representing and selling the best story tellers he can find. An agent learns quickly how to spot the ‘comers’ and ignore the ‘wannabes.’ The sole criteria is this: “Is this actor a good story teller?”

Seana Koefed

Seana Koefed, “Men in Trees” star

The theatre community was just amazing in Chicago. There was a joke about Chicago – leave 4 actors in a room together for 10 minutes and they’ll form a theatre company. Maybe that’s said about every town, but I loved the “we-can-do-it” feeling of Chicago. If you had a play you wanted to do, SOMEONE would rent you their water-stained basement in which to do it.


James Royce Edwards – Altar Boyz, Footloose, Passions, BYU

My religious background helps me as a person which in turn helps me as an actor, especially with the whole business side of the biz. Actors have to handle a great deal of rejection and criticism and my faith helps give me a sense of security and a good grasp of who I am and what is important in life. This may sound cliché, but I really don’t sweat the small stuff when I’m looking at the bigger picture of what life is about and what really matters.