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Seana Koefed

Seana Koefed, “Men in Trees” star

The theatre community was just amazing in Chicago. There was a joke about Chicago – leave 4 actors in a room together for 10 minutes and they’ll form a theatre company. Maybe that’s said about every town, but I loved the “we-can-do-it” feeling of Chicago. If you had a play you wanted to do, SOMEONE would rent you their water-stained basement in which to do it.

Bonnie Gillespie, casting director

Bonnie Gillespie, Casting Director, Cricketfeet, Self-Management for Actors

You mentioned a personal podcast, and honestly, I keep up with what actors are putting out there on their blogs, their MySpace pages, their YouTube channels to such an extent that they don’t even have to send me notifications of such content. If an actor has something really cool and innovative going on, we’re gonna see it. And while we might not have an immediate need to cast an actor who has impressed us, we will remember that actor when the time is right.

Yet More…

Fun for the whole family!

You hear that a lot… “Fun for the whole family!”… but often, it’s not fun for the whole family. If you’re lucky, it’s kind of fun for the kids. That’s just something people write in their marketing. It’s like, “Now more than ever!” or “See it again for the very first time!” Empty words.


June Squibb – Broadway, Film, TV, Judging Amy, About Schmidt, Curb Your Enthusiasm

I don’t think you could even deal with this kind of career, unless you make it so very important. Sometimes to the detriment of family and friends. I think that– I don’t know. I realize now, it’s not so much what I do, as what I am. And I think that it has to be that for you. I think that this is what takes over. It has to just be what you are.

david zak

Director: David Zak, Artistic Director, Chicago’s Bailiwick Repertory Theater

There are so many things outside of the actor’s control, that all you can do is be ready. Unlike gymnastics, where you are a has-been at 18, actors can continue to grow and develop throughout their lives, and living as an artist, while it might not pay the bills, is such a great life. I am always impressed by people who audition year in and year out and who get better and have what my nun teachers called stick-to-it-tive-ness.