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Nadette Stasa, Casting Director

I ALWAYS say there is something for EVERYONE in commercials. Just watch commercials… there are ALL types, even cavemen! The trend is towards “real people”, “non actor types”, “slice of life” ads. I don’t think there is such a thing as “average” looks. “Average” could be just what the casting director, commercial director, agency, producer, copy writer and client are looking for. To appeal to casting directors be you: if you’re funny let that out, if you’re a hottie or a relaxed dude let us see that. Be you, be real and believable. The days of hard sell sales people in commercials are over.


Actor, Voice Over Artist: Chris Flockton, “The Fabulous Life”, Rumble in the RedRoom

Is it more convenient to live in Hell’s Kitchen? Sure. Did moving out of the city affect my career? I don’t think so. It just requires a little more planning on my part. The best part is, I’ve put together a home voice-over studio in the house. I record many of my voice-over auditions for my New York and L.A. agents from home and send them in via e-mail.

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Brett Greenstein and Collin Daniel, “Joey”, NBC, ABC, VH1

I think getting in front of a casting director is the best way to get noticed. Blind mailings rarely work. We get so many blind headshot submissions a day that I rarely even keep them. Do a workshop, invite us to a play or showcase. I want to see what an actor can do. Occasionally I will keep a blindly submitted headshot and put it in my files if the picture has something striking about it. Save your money and take a class. It will pay off more in the long run that doing blind mailings to casting directors around town.


Roscoe Orman, “Sesame Street”, Free Southern Theater, New Lafayette Theatre

I think the most important job for an actor, or for any artist, is to discover and share the truth. An actor’s ability to not only entertain but to reflect the innermost truths of humanity, to share with audiences, through character and storytelling, that which connects us all and enlightens us to the human condition, is extremely valuable.

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Schmooze or Lose?!

No… you don’t have to be a great schmoozer to succeed. You don’t have to attack showbiz parties with your game face on and adopt a “take no prisoners” approach to social occasions. However, it is important to “put yourself out there”. No one’s going to see your work if you lock yourself away in your room and quietly perform monologues in the corner.