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Kayhan Irani, Actor, Writer, Artivist, “We’ve Come Undone”

Through theater and the arts people can see their world as different and can be inspired to change it, and if not change it then just think a bit differently about it. That is an amazing ability that can’t be achieved in such a short period of time by just talking to someone. It creates empathy and allows the individual to suspend their own judgments for a short period of time and feel what it might be like to be in someone else’s shoes.


John Sencio – Actor, TV Host, MTV, Cash in the Attic, Home Delivery

What I do know is that you can’t allow yourself to get discouraged even when people say you suck. You also need other things in your life that make you happy. I’ve also found that when I imagine myself at 70 I suspect I can be very happy if I’m not the most successful guy in Show Business… as long as I can say I tried.

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Oh, and can ya throw in something about karate or something?

After spending a good 20 minutes describing my “Magic Express Train Show”, a magic and puppet show about taking a ride on an old fashioned steam train, after answering all questions, booking the show, taking the info… we’re about to get off the phone, and the client adds…


June Raphael & Casey Wilson, Rode Hard and Put Away Wet

Before appearing on SNL, sitcoms, and in feature films, June Raphael & Casey Wilson were honing their comedy skills doing improv and sketch comedy at Upright Citizen’s Brigade in Manhattan. Originally published in 2004, this interview takes a look at their beginnings, and the show that got them noticed: Rode Hard and Put Away Wet.

Trix Bruce

Trix Bruce, Deaf Actress, ASL presenter

I felt strongly comfortable with drama families, actors because we easily can communicate with each other as a good team. Working with the hearing, it is more challenging but awesome to meet people who could share their experiences and learn from them. The hearing people can see how I can provide the success of being a Deaf Role Model.