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Actors – who is your customer?

I always assumed (and not necessarily based on any evidence) that I knew better than everyone else. If actors think of ourselves as being in business and selling a product (ourselves being that product), then I was providing lousy customer service. I was providing the kind of arrogant customer service that prevented me from hearing critique, learning, and improving.


Roscoe Orman, “Sesame Street”, Free Southern Theater, New Lafayette Theatre

I think the most important job for an actor, or for any artist, is to discover and share the truth. An actor’s ability to not only entertain but to reflect the innermost truths of humanity, to share with audiences, through character and storytelling, that which connects us all and enlightens us to the human condition, is extremely valuable.

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Mather Zickel – Rachel Getting Married, Reno 911!, I Love You, Man

Quite honestly, I don’t think that conservatory training was the best thing for me at that age. I had many different teachers telling me many different things and I wanted to do them all right. Getting it “right” was a big deal for me at that point. I wanted everybody to think that I was the best thing ever and that I could do anything. I’m sure a lot of 18 year olds feel that way. It’s a lot of pressure to put on oneself and it doesn’t leave much room for learning or experimenting.


Nancy Cartwright, voice of BART SIMPSON

Whether or not you will get cast in a part depends on any number of conditions: how versatile you are, how viable you are as a voice-actor, how much you “hustle” yourself to get the job, your connections, your networking skills, your timing, and your ability to compete with those professionals who are already doing it. Good luck, and I mean that. Make it fun, make it an adventure!


Actors Who Kick Ass: Seana Kofoed, writer/producer/star of “Donna’s Revenge”

It’s so satisfying in a business in which we have so little control, to actually GIVE yourself control by shooting a project of your own. It’s a remarkable, wonderful feeling. And with a webseries in particular, this is an area in which you can claim that artistic freedom, because the financial stakes are so much lower.