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Betsy Capes

Acting Career Coach – Betsy Capes, Capes Coaching

Most actors come to us asking “what more can I do” – but 9 times out of 10 it’s not about what they’re doing, it’s HOW they’re doing it. And they’re too dramatic about it! Keep the drama on stage. You guys are so hard on yourselves! Actors beat themselves up, try to attack every goal at once, and don’t plan the path from here to there.


Manager: Debbie Cope, Cope Management, Voice Talent, Los Angeles

If this is something you really want to do, know that it’s going to take a few years, maybe several years. It’s just like anything else that you really want. You need to be educated, passionate, and determined to succeed.

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Marcus Giamatti

Marcus Giamatti – Judging Amy

Classically trained self-proclaimed “working schlep”, Marcus Giamatti has seen his fortunes zoom to the stars, then crash and burn. After years of struggling, sleeping on couches, and trying to feed himself on a dollar a day, he was moments from quitting his acting career for good. Before he could, however, a fateful phone call interrupted his resignation, and the next day he was on a plane to Hollywood and an audition for “Judging Amy”.

Acting, A Confidence Game by Bob Fraser

Confidence is the actor’s special need. We all know, almost as if by osmosis, that it is the key to everything. Confident actors win auditions. Confident actors win audiences. Confident actors are more successful actors. Confidence is coin of the realm in show business. We know it.


Matt Austin, Power Rangers, Space Patrol Delta, Disney/ABC

I have my own stories to tell. I also have belief in my talents. Not everyone else does. Sometimes you can’t/won’t get cast for the parts you’d be great in. I create work for me so I can work on the things I’d like to…and not wait for anyone else. No one can stop you from doing anything…except you.