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Melissa Skoff

Los Angeles Casting Director: Melissa Skoff

Just as the actor has to trust him or herself in the choices they make, so does the casting director. Playing it “safe” on either side of the camera just isn’t interesting enough.

Caitlin Shetterly

Director: Caitlin Shetterly, Artistic Director, Winter Harbor Theatre, Portland, Maine

I try to spin the wheel and look at all angles from all angles – we all need to be made to feel uncomfortable and to be challenged. This is how we will grow, get angry, cry… be impassioned.

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Trix Bruce

Trix Bruce, Deaf Actress, ASL presenter

I felt strongly comfortable with drama families, actors because we easily can communicate with each other as a good team. Working with the hearing, it is more challenging but awesome to meet people who could share their experiences and learn from them. The hearing people can see how I can provide the success of being a Deaf Role Model.


Actor – Gregory Smith: The Seeker, Everwood

Gregory Smith never cracked a book about acting, but he aced his four years of training as the lead on TV’s Everwood. Learn how he made it through the perils of child acting, why he carries a camera with him everywhere he goes, and how twirling a butterfly knife prepared him for his part in his new movie, The Seeker.


Janet Hirshenson and Jane Jenkins, Casting Directors, Casting Company, Los Angeles

Confidence is the quality that we find most likely to help an actor advance in the business. Confidence in themselves and in their talent with out being cocky or arrogant – a deep belief they have made the right choice about what they’re doing is a very attractive and important quality