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Actor Jim True-Frost

Actor – Jim True-Frost: HBO’s “The Wire”, Steppenwolf

I knew I loved acting from the time I started— around the 6th grade—and I still love the same things about it: metaphors (poetry), playful engagement, repetition, ritual, flow. When I began getting offers of professional acting jobs at the same time I was going to college (at Northwestern), I gave up thinking about doing anything else.


Nadette Stasa, Casting Director

I ALWAYS say there is something for EVERYONE in commercials. Just watch commercials… there are ALL types, even cavemen! The trend is towards “real people”, “non actor types”, “slice of life” ads. I don’t think there is such a thing as “average” looks. “Average” could be just what the casting director, commercial director, agency, producer, copy writer and client are looking for. To appeal to casting directors be you: if you’re funny let that out, if you’re a hottie or a relaxed dude let us see that. Be you, be real and believable. The days of hard sell sales people in commercials are over.

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Actors Who Kick Ass: Seana Kofoed, writer/producer/star of “Donna’s Revenge”

It’s so satisfying in a business in which we have so little control, to actually GIVE yourself control by shooting a project of your own. It’s a remarkable, wonderful feeling. And with a webseries in particular, this is an area in which you can claim that artistic freedom, because the financial stakes are so much lower.

"I spent $119,000 and six years earning my MFA, and this is what I'm paid?!"

Show Me The Money (Or Not)

Actors who flat out refuse to do readings, showcases, and workshops for free are missing out on great networking opportunities, and the chance to improve their acting skills. They’re missing out on an excuse to do some self-promotion (“Come see my show!”), and worst of all, these actors are cut off from the vital creative energy of a group of artists working together.

If you’re not using Groupon, seek immediate professional help.

Groupon fits perfectly within the Budget Living philosophy… it’s not just about penny pinching, it’s about enjoying the best life has to offer without spending a ton of money.