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Actor, Voice Over Artist: Chris Flockton, “The Fabulous Life”, Rumble in the RedRoom

Is it more convenient to live in Hell’s Kitchen? Sure. Did moving out of the city affect my career? I don’t think so. It just requires a little more planning on my part. The best part is, I’ve put together a home voice-over studio in the house. I record many of my voice-over auditions for my New York and L.A. agents from home and send them in via e-mail.

John Lloyd Young, Jersey Boys

John Lloyd Young, “Jersey Boys”, Tony Winner, follow up interview

By forcing your life by hook or by crook into the shape you want it to take, you eventually find that you’re in front of the people you want to work with and for, and suddenly everyone in your life shares your values, everywhere you look you’re surrounded by the people and opportunities that suit you.

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Actor, entrepreneur, Miss Ohio, Kristin Huffman

No slobs, please – Tony winning actress and Miss Ohio, Kristin Huffman discusses the importance of looking your best for auditions (and life!)

Men get off easy. Women have to look great every time, no exceptions: clothes, hair, skincare, makeup. You should look like a real person AND look like your pictures! Given that, it’s important to feel good about how you look because your attitude when you audition is so much different. More professional.

Trix Bruce

Trix Bruce, Deaf Actress, ASL presenter

I felt strongly comfortable with drama families, actors because we easily can communicate with each other as a good team. Working with the hearing, it is more challenging but awesome to meet people who could share their experiences and learn from them. The hearing people can see how I can provide the success of being a Deaf Role Model.

Brain Surgery for Actors: Operate On Your Thinking

How to Predict Your Future

Part II of a mini-goal setting workshop for actors that will enable you to make the positive changes you desire in your life by first figuring out exactly what you want your future to look like. Predict the future using nothing but a Word document and your brain. Pretty cool, huh?